Our Company

Cepial company

More than 40 years, more than 4000 m2 of facilities

The location of CEPIAL S.L. is a sign of this company’s commitment to international markets. Located in the Júndiz Industrial Estate, in Vitoria (Álava), at a strategic point on the A1 motorway on the south-north European corridor and close to one of our country’s largest cargo airports, Foronda-Vitoria (VIT).


With more than 40 years’ experience and an innovative, expansionist  business policy, committed to end-product quality and an on-going interest to improve the service, its trajectory is a palpable reflection of its creative work, clearly visible in the company’s multiple business pursuits and the different patent that it holds.


Today CEPIAL S.L. is far more than a leading company, nationally and internationally recognized and renowned for its quality, appreciation of its finishes, its track record and, especially, its continued commitment to work with companies and institutions to develop new products. A great example of a company with more than 4 decades of experience but with a fresh, dynamic approach capable of committing itself to seeking out new alternatives to respond to current situations.

Our Team

Cepial is a minority owned business with a large team of specially trained, dedicated employees providing a professional service with a personal touch.


Attn: Sr. Iñigo
Phone: +34 945 361 636
Fax: +34 945 361 658
Email: comercial@cepial.net
Mobile: +34 674 039 296


Attn: Sra. Elena
Phone: +34 945 361 636
Fax: +34 945 361 658
Email: administracion@cepial.net


Attn: Sr. Sergio
Phone: +34 945 361 636
Fax: +34 945 361 658
Email: compras@cepial.net


Attn: Sr. Alfonso
Phone: +34 945 361 636
Fax: +34 945 361 658
Email: cepial@cepial.net

Technical Means

Our extensive plant, fully equipped with automatic machinery, allows us to manufacture high quality brushes, providing a quick, efficient service and follow-up of our products. The road cleaning sector, both manual and mechanical, and the industrial brushware sector are of primary importance to our company. We manufacture all types of brushes for different road and construction sweeper models. We also provide an off-plan/off-sample custom brush production service to meet our customers’ needs.


We manufacture to the the highest possible standards, using the most advanced technology

To a large extent, each CEPIAL S.L. product is the result of the effort and commitment of the R+D+i department, which is constantly improving the end quality of the finishes. This fact, made tangible through small changes in the manufacturing process and the application of new materials, is designed to add value to the end product, with ongoing research to extend its service life during daily use.

Unsurprisingly, the result of this innovation and development-based philosophy is the lead position that CEPIAL S.L has achieved in the market. Its products provide high-value innovations that improve performance and significantly increase profits for those companies that use them. The major global businesses in the road cleaning sector, as well as public and private institutions, recognize the value of the finishes provided, making CEPIAL S.L. a regular supplier.

This business philosophy, innovative character, combined with a commitment to identify new market niches have made CEPIAL S.L. the ideal partner for many companies in various sectors that need specific solutions for specific developments which, when applied to different types of machines, are developed jointly between the customer and CEPIAL S.L. and subsequently manufactured by the latter.

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